timgreensyracuse_mataJulie Mata, author of children’s book Neenah has found her lifelong dream of being a children’s book author.  The Post Crescent highlights her life’s journey to becoming something she always enjoyed.  Mata states that she always enjoyed writing ever since she was a kid.  She even mentioned that she remembers being on a vacation with with her family and while everyone else was having fun she was writing a story for fun.

Mata went on to college and she always had the intentions of using writing full time but once she graduate her plans kept changing.  Mostly because of family reasons, Mata didn’t do any writing for herself for the longest time.  After a long time she realized that it was time for her to get started.

Her road, like most authors, was one hard traveled.  Her first novel that she wrote was one of fantasy and magic and at the same time the Harry Potter series was gaining fame.  At that time it was bad to sell something in the same genre and Mata states she had no luck whatsoever.

After she wrote her first book she applied the knowledge she learned to her second book and she quickly became a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  the SCBWI has a wealth of resources for writers and she said she learned one of the most important parts of being a full time writer—landing an agent.  She found out how to write the correct query letter and sent it out.  Many agents had interest in Mata but none signed.  They had suggestions for her writing which Mata took to heart and made the revisions but she was still rejected.  After another major revision she finally did sign an agent and was on her way to producing more work.  After all of that Mata signed a two-book deal with Disney Hyperion.

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