Kay Gooch and Tim Green at Storybook Heroes Luncheon for BookSpring.
Kay Gooch and Tim Green at Storybook Heroes Luncheon for BookSpring.

Since 2008, BookSpring has been inspiring young children in Texas to fall in love with reading. Originally built as a merger between local affiliates of two acclaimed national organizations, Read Out and Read and Reading Is Fundamental, BookSpring has continued their missions while tailoring their approach to suit the unique needs of Central Texas, especially in regards to tackling the early literacy gap.

Through their dedicated outreach across schools, childcare centers, medical clinics, and community partners, they are able to reach an average of 40,000 children with over 140,000 books each year, not to mention hundreds of hours of motivational activities aimed at inspiring a lifelong love of reading. The work they do is invaluable to the community, and Tim Green is thrilled to contribute to their cause.

Each year, BookSpring holds an annual Storybook Heroes Luncheon to celebrate those who help spread their message. This year, attendees included ‘reading rock star‘ librarian, Kay Gooch, volunteer Mindy Reed Gomillion and Keller Williams Realty International. Also along for the fun, of course, was Tim Green, who loved the chance to speak at an event so closely tied to his life’s work and passions.

Back while Green was still in the midst of his career in the NFL playing for the Atlanta Falcons, he began pursuing another childhood dream: becoming a writer. He published his first book while still playing for the Falcons, and although now retired from football, he has continued to publish books ever since. His most prolific work has been his sports-themed books for middle readers. To date, he has published more than 30 books for adults and youths, most recently being the hit novel ‘Home Run’ about a young boy trying to help his family by winning big with his traveling baseball team.

More than just writing books, Tim Green has been inspiring young readers across the country, visiting schools and library’s all over the United States in order to spread the importance of reading, physical fitness, and being nice. He makes about 100 visits to schools a year and has spoken at over 800 schools to date.

Moreover, he donates books wherever he goes. In fact, he uses any money collected as speaker fee’s to go directly towards buying books for kids who less fortunate.

Emily Ball Cicchini, the Executive Director of BookSpring, shares Green’s passion for literacy and the belief that all children have a right to an education and to a love of reading. Her goal: provide 20 books each for all 75,000 needy kids in Central Texas. Click on the following link to donate to BookSpring and help support their cause.

Tim Green is an author, lawyer, former NFL player, Coach, and TV personality. To learn more about his life and career, please visit Tim Green‘s website.