Tim Green Names 10 Super Librarians to Receive Free Copies of 'Home Run'Tim Green has spent the last 10+ years touring the country meeting countless students, teachers, and librarians from all over. At every stop he shares his love of reading with his young fans and engages with students who tell him they didn’t enjoy reading before discovering his sports-themed novels. Needless to say the experience is both rewarding and humbling. While he only gets to spend a day with any given school, the true literacy heroes in these kids lives are their dedicated librarians who help organize Tim Green and other authors visits in the first place.

Over Facebook, Tim Green recently announced 10 ‘Super Librarians’ he wanted to recognize for their outstanding dedication to their schools and students. Along with his words of appreciation, he also gave 5 free copies of his latest novel, ‘Home Run,’ to each.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Joyce Lynch, Plainville CT
  2. Lindsey Anderson,Brentwood
  3. Mary Dixon, Gouverneur NY
  4. Amy Hall, Ogden UT
  5. Cathy O’Connell, Rocky Point
  6. Sharon Horton, Decorah IA
  7. Barbie Stanford, Magnolia TX
  8. Tabitha Otto, Lincolnshire Il
  9. Lucy Drenka, Southlake TX
  10. Donna Pope, Fayetteville NC

Furthermore, he asked his fans to name their own Super Librarians, and pledged to free books if their nominations received enough likes. This added Debbie Wright from Birch Run, MI; Cathy Brinkley Taylor of Flora, IL; and Donna Pope of Fayetteville, NC to the list.

Middle School of Plainville Librarian Joyce Lynch, the first to be honored on the list, said in response, “It’s nice to be recognized. I try very, very hard to do my best for the kids here.”

MSP principal, Matthew Guarino, was eager to share how proud he is of all Lynch does. “I’ve always known we’ve had a super librarian, so that was always my feeling,” adding, “Thank goodness we have other people recognize it out there because she deserves it.”

Green and Lynch have met during multiple visits to the middle school during his book tours. His most recent trip to Plainville was in October 2015, first visiting back in 2013.

Lynch works to provide the students with monthly book talks, including opportunities to hear from Nutmeg award winners like Tim Green, Linda Maloney, and Leslie Connor. Green, however, has been their first repeat visitor.

“He was so dynamic… the kids were just enthralled. He talks about really positive things,” Lynch said. “He talks about perseverance, working really hard, doing the right thing, and not just in sports.”

Lynch works with the students at the Middle School of Plainville throughout the academic year teaching research skills and running a Read Across America program.

“I’m extremely fortunate to be teaching in Plainville. This is probably the most amazing place I’ve ever taught,” Lynch reflected.

Guarino added, “I’ve been in education for over 34 years, and she is a very dedicated person to making reading an important part of all our children’s lives.”