Tim Green, former Syracuse and Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman visited students at Belle Valley School to talk to them about reading and sign some of his best-selling books. Students were excited to meet the star football player, best-selling

Tim Green at Belle Valley School
Tim Green at Belle Valley School

author, and lawyer who took his message of reading more, to heart. In an address to the students, he spoke of working hard and how that can open doors to making anyone a smarter and better person. He kicked off his visit with a reading from one of his books, Unstoppable.

Green expressed his interests as a child, he was consumed by football and reading books. Football engaged him physically, allowing him to be active and exercise his body. Reading engaged his mind and opened it to new worlds, while exercising his brain at the same time.

Green spoke of reading 20 minutes a day to acclimate children’s minds to reading and hopefully sparking an interest for a life long hobby. This message runs parallel with his initiative Read20, a partner of the Play60 initiative of the NFL to promote healthier kids.

Being able to speak with children at schools like Belle Valley fills Tim Green with joy as he is offered an opportunity to share tips how to succeed and become a great person. He often travels to schools to visit, speak to, and sign books for students who are fans of him on the football field as well as fans of his books.

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